Deck-Level Spa

Unlike a skimmer/freeboard spa, the deck level spa has an overflow channel that ensures the water level is not disturbed by bathers.

It offers a high water turn over rate as the water overflows into a balance tank, which is then filtered and recycled back in to the spa. This makes them popular in the commercial leisure industry as several bathers can enter/leave the spa and it maintains its water level and cleanliness.

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Standard Sizes & Shapes

  • 2.5M Round or Square Spa

  • 3M Round or Square Spa

  • 2.4M Octagonal Spa

  • 2.75M Octagonal Spa

  • 4M x 3M Oval Spa

  • 3M x 2M Rectangluar Spa

  • 3.5M x 2.5M Rectangular Spa

  • 4M x 3M Rectangluar Spa

We can accommodate any bespoke size, shape or configuration


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Mosaic Tiles

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Balance Tanks

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