A Clearwater Spa has your relaxation in mind, starting with how they are built to the handcrafted details. Our goal is to give you confidence, knowing you purchased the best and longest lasting spa. Each detail is specifically chosen to give you ultimate relaxation & comfort. We build in value and quality that stands tall amongst our competitors

  • Seats: 6 people
  • Dimensions: 92.5″ X 92.5″ X 39.5″ (235 X 235 X 103CM)
  • Electrical requirements: 40 AMP
  • Pumps: 2 – 5.0hp & 2-3.0hp hydrotherapy/1 – circulation
  • Lighting: 40-Light Multi-coloured Mood Lighting Package
  • Water capacity: 440 gallons (1665 litres)
  • Weight dry: 100lbs. (499kg)
  • Filled weight: 5604lbs (2542kg)
  • Designed and made: Washington, USA
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Product Benefits

Therapy & Controls

Jet Pumps
Digital Spa Control
Easy Controlling
Air Control Valves
Foot Massage Jets
Water Diverter Valve
Therapy Controls


Basic Multicoloured LED
Water Feature
Audio Entertainment
Clearplay resort bluetooth audio system with 4 marine-grade speakers and subwoofer

Water Purification

Less Chemicals
Single 50/sf Filtration
Clean Water

Design & Comfort

Reflective Thermal Shield
Energy Efficiency
DuraTech Cabinet
Durable & Practical Ergonomic Seating Comfort

CLEAR (Standard)

CLEAR is a state of the art water management that is a Clearwater exclusive, combines four of the best technologies available to provide you the best fresh water experience. We can’t say this is a chemical free system, BUT it is the most natural way to have CLEAR water.

Why is it better?

CLEAR allows you to soak in odourless, clear, natural water.

Ultra-Insulated Cabinet & Base

Extremely efficient Reflective Thermal Barrier Insulation reflects and recycles heat, keeping your water warmer while lowering your energy bill in comparison to foam-filled spas.

Superior Shell Construction

Our commercial-grade Triple Fusion Shell is thicker, allowing a deeper, stronger, smoother tub. Steel support mesh and environmentally-friendly EcoSpray resin (not toxic fibreglass) makes the Clearwater Spas shell one of the strongest you can buy.


Weather-resistant, fully insulated base provides the foundation to lift the spa off of the cold ground for energy efficiency while protecting the spa from moisture, bugs, mice and other unwanted pests.

HD Foam PVC Column Supports

Custom PVC, high-density foam-filled system will not rot, mold, rust or breakdown like wood or steel support systems. Pillars integrate seamlessly into the foundation and the shell for unmatched strength, making this the only frame-free support system in the world.

Intelligent Design

A Monaco Hot Tub has your family’s fun and relaxation in mind. Our goal is to give you satisfaction in knowing you have purchased the best spa of it’s kind. Each detail is placed for your ultimate comfort and hydrotherapy. We value quality and integrity in making us stand tall amongst our competitors. TEST

  1. Soothing Waterfall Feature
  2. Best Ergonomic Seating
  3. Table Accessory
  4. Adjustable Backlit Jets
  5. Intelligent Controls
  6. LED Coasters
  7. Exterior Cabinet Lighting
  8. Best Hydrotherapy Massage
  9. ClearPlay Plus Bluetooth Stereo (Option)
  10. Dual Guard Filtration

Colour Therapy Hot Tub

Colour Therapy

Enhance your spa experience with multi-colored lighting. Change colors to suit your mood. Set to transition through all seven colors or set to one favorite

Choose your colour according to your mood

  • Colour Therapy Red
  • Colour Therapy Orange
  • Colour Therapy Yellow
  • Colour Therapy Green
  • Colour Therapy Blue
  • Colour Therapy Purple
  • Colour Therapy Pink


Shell and Frame – 10 Year Spa Structural Warranty

Clearwater Spa structures are warranted against water loss occurring from defects in material or workmanship for 10 years from the original purchase date. Clearwater Spas also warrants their spa shell interior surface against blistering, cracking and delamination for 10 years from the original purchase date.

Plumbing/Operating Equipment – 3 Year Equipment Warranty

Clearwater Spas warrants the operating equipment and plumbing against defects in workmanship for 3 years from the original purchase date.